DevOps Services

The latest trend in software development is the culture of DevOps, in which developers partner with operations staff to assure that software runs with a minimum of problems.

Many organizations find themselves in a challenging situation with the rise of cloud-based Web applications that allow for quick releases in response to issues or requests coming in from the user community. Our DevOps solution solves this problem by developing a partnership between Development and Operations. In this structure, the development team supports operational requirements such as deploy scripts, diagnostics, and load and performance testing from the beginning of the cycle; and the operations team provides knowledgeable support and feedback before, during, and after deployment.

Our DevOps solution seamlessly integrates Development, Testing, and Operations teams, emitting the following benefits:

  • A better quality of life – Developers working in DevOps-mode receive fewer calls in the middle of the night to resolve production issues.
  • Pride of ownership – Unlike in the traditional software process, what the developer writes goes live because you continue to have visibility and access to the code even after it goes to QA and production. In other words, developers own the delivery of the code from creation to implementation.
  • More relevant work – Developers, like most human beings, get greater satisfaction from work that has relevance in the real world. Unlike in the traditional software process, scenarios are real. Environments are load tested, for example — before they’re put into production — to see if they work correctly.